About Rob Kilmer

Rob KilmerI am an attorney with a litigation practice in my hometown of Binghamton, New York. I am also the President of Defend It, Inc., which owns the You Defend It Debate Tour.

After attending law school at the University of Miami, I returned to Binghamton in 1992 and immediately became involved with the local Democratic Party. Over time, I became one of the growing number of people who recognize that our elected officials have abandoned their obligation to govern in favor of party affiliation and perpetual campaigning.

In 2007 I started a radio show on WNBF 1290 in Binghamton – “You Defend It with Rob Kilmer”. The premise was simple: When it comes to the important issues we face as a nation, average Americans need to do what our elected officials refuse to do: organize honest and accountable debate.

With that in mind, my show focused on the facts behind the issues, and not the personalities of the players on the right and left. We replaced fear and blame with focus and reason. The priority of the show was informing the public of the actual realities of the issues that our elected officials pretend to debate.

On Sunday, July 29, 2012 a column about my show began to run in print and online publications nationwide. The column was written by Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts, Jr. The response was overwhelming – and predictable. Americans are exhausted with a political culture that tells them who to blame and who to fear – and does nothing to resolve the real problems we face. You can read the article here.

In the Fall of 2012, I worked for CBS in Miami as a contributor to the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate coverage. Videos of those appearances are available below.

I am more committed than ever to helping communities confront their most contentious issues in a manner that informs rather than inflames. It is you and I, the average citizens, who have to live with the outcomes. We deserve a forum where the emphasis is on cutting through the spin and fear-mongering to get to the real facts behind every issue, so that we can make informed decisions about our futures.


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