Starter’s Pistol

Bullet casings were still burning impressions into the snow last Friday evening.  The building had not even been cleared.  Impressively poised Colorado Springs Police Lieutenant Catherine Buckley was speaking to the media about the apprehension of a suspect inside the Planned Parenthood building at a time when she didn’t know if her fellow officers were

Nobody Said It Was Easy

With dual decisions looming over allowing Syrian refugees to enter the United States, and our role in the fight against ISIS, America has an opportunity to reassert itself as the Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave.  Until we embrace our proper role as the latter, our status as the former will continue its

Exceptionally Easy to Scare

We often hear public officials, and candidates, speak of American “exceptionalism”.  I’ve always felt that it’s exceptionally arrogant to constantly declare superiority.  The people we admire don’t do that.  More to the point, if we are going to talk the talk of exceptionalism, we need to walk the walk when it comes to conduct.  And


The time for the American public to demand a real debate on the United States’ role in the fight against ISIS is now.  Right now.  Any objective assessment of the facts and dynamics at play points to the inescapable reality that a perfect storm of abject horror, opportunity for vindication, tactical ability, and public support

You Do Not Have The Right To Remain Silent

Like all presidents, the next president will make decisions involving wars (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan), climate change, the economy, the Supreme Court – and dozens of other issues that will directly impact your life.  And the people currently running for president did not do so on a dare.  Public posturing notwithstanding, their campaigns have been years

Spectator Sport

As we sit in front of our televisions or laptops and watch primary debates, we are literally outsiders looking in.  We are as far removed from our democracy as we could be.  There is something symbolic about sitting in a chair, looking at a screen that contains images of a room somewhere else, in which

Prospective Employees Set The Rules For Their Interviews

I have previously written about the reprehensible practice of allowing the candidates to write the rules for the three presidential debates.  If a little manipulation of the process is good, more must be better.  Accordingly, representatives of the Republican presidential candidates are meeting tonight to formulate rules for primary debates.  There are two issues here.

When Debates Attack

I did not watch the Republican presidential primary debate last night on CNBC. I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to evaluate the debate by observing the reactions of others, and do so without the skewing variable of my own impressions. The results are informative, to say the least. Last night’s debate is alternatively

It’s Not Real

Remember that time you won that huge political argument with a family member?  You were trading vicious insults and challenging each other’s patriotism, and suddenly she or he finally said, “You know what, you’re right”.  Remember that?  Of course you don’t – because it never happened, and never will.  Families and friendships have fractured over

The Drama Distraction

The political world focused on two people yesterday.  One is seeking a job he says he does not want, and the other is not seeking a job he wants but cannot get.  Rep. Paul Ryan is pulling off the near-impossible.  He is waging a campaign for Speaker of the House of Representatives, and his strategy