If you say it, prove it – because we live with the consequences.

Fear. It is the only constant in American political discourse today. It is utterly convenient because it lends itself to every issue. Fear is the reason why I created You Defend It; fear is the reason I created this blog. If fear should play a role in the discussion of critical national issues, then it should be this: We should fear the consequences of endorsing people and policies in moments of anger, hate – or fear.

This blog will point out the issues and frame the real questions that we should be asking ourselves. Whether the topic is immigration, Iran, religious freedom, ISIS, gun control, or gay marriage, etc., the media and our public officials speak in terms of what to fear, and who is to blame for creating it. Fear is the hammer that drives every nail. Workable solutions are nowhere in sight.

Although You Defend It debates are not likely to involve candidates – primarily because laws requiring equal time for all candidates are incompatible with the two-debater format of You Defend It – this blog will often concern itself with the presidential campaign. Those who wish to become president – and those who “handle” those who wish to become president – can be relied upon to uniformly go to the same bottomless, reliable well in describing every issue. Candidates will characterize every issue in a way that terrifies the public, then offer a solution to sedate the panic. But their solutions aren’t real. They are hollow words fashioned to soothe the shaken. This blog will test whether they work, and identify the actual consequences to be imposed upon us when the rhetoric becomes policy.


A new blog will be posted every Thursday and Sunday.